June 20, 2024

Why Defect Saw Machine With Scanning Technology is Important?

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Why Defect Saw Machine With Scanning Technology is Important?

The automatic end-matching machine has double-sided detection, inspecting wood materials for dark defects (dead knots, hairy edges, pitch pockets, dark live knots, etc.), blue stain, red heart, bark edges, pitch pockets, etc.

In the production of solid wood furniture, the timber yield rate is an important factor affecting production costs, but the current yield rate in solid wood furniture production is generally only 50%-70%. As wood resources are gradually becoming scarce, improving the yield rate is particularly important. In the solid wood furniture production process, the material preparation process is the key step to improve the yield rate.

As the first process in the workflow, the quality of the material preparation process directly affects the subsequent processing, the timber yield rate, and production efficiency. There are many optimization methods for the material preparation process, and the following will mainly compare the Defect Saw Machine technology and traditional technology.

defect removal saw machine

Why the defect saw machine with scanning technology is important?

The Defect Saw Machine is commonly saying as a new type of electronic cross-cutting saw, controlled by a computer equipped with CNC control system, with many functions:

Firstly, Defect saw machine can generate an optimal cutting plan for the production schedule, for cross-cutting wood materials;

Secondly, Defect saw machine can significantly improve production efficiency and processing accuracy, replacing manual or traditional machines in factory mass production;

Thirdly, Defect saw machine can solve the problems of low efficiency, large precision errors, and difficulty in management in the factory production process.

Compared to normal cutting processes, the Defect Saw Machine is beneficial for your batch, standardized production of wood materials, reducing on-site staff, improving production efficiency, and enabling rational management of personnel and materials.

The defect saw machine with color sorting function machine is applicable for: finger jointing, flooring, sofa, door panels, plywood, furniture, picture frames, and various decoration fields, suitable for most materials (hardwood, softwood, composite boards, ceramics, etc.).

Combination Sections of Defect saw machine

  • Wood material cutting and feeding section

  • Material include metal auto kick out section

  • Metal detector usually nails punched in woods

  • Main engine of high speed cross cut off saw machine section

  • Cutting waste material and kick out section

  • Material size automatic selection feeding production line section

  • Material scanning for value main machine

  • Material size automatic sorting section

Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

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