June 17, 2024

What Is A Better Optimizing Cross Cut Saw?

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What Is A Better Optimizing Cross Cut Saw?

Quick View For Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

“Optimizing” means making the most of something. You must choose which pieces to cut first and in what sequence given your material, for instance, if you have 5 feet of timber and your cut list specifies that you need to cut 20 sections of varied lengths. You must figure out how to cut sections with the least amount of leftover scrap waste when optimizing your timber. To do the arithmetic for this on the spot in your brain might be quite difficult.

Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

What Is A Better Optimizing Cross Cut Saw?

Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

The optimizing cross cut saw is mainly used for the 90° fixed-length cross-section of wood. Realizes automatic high-speed feeding and fixed-length cutting. The user inputs the length and quantity information of the required materials into the controller, and the workers only need to place the raw materials on the loading table, and the sawing equipment will automatically complete the feeding, cutting and discharging of the wood.

The system comes with one-dimensional blanking optimization software, which can process raw materials according to the maximum utilization rate of raw materials. While the cutting efficiency is improved, the utilization rate of materials is maximized. The sawing process does not require manual intervention, and the fully enclosed shield design ensures the personal safety of workers. It is the best equipment for material preparation and processing in the furniture, wooden doors and windows, and solid wood flooring industries.

Optimizing cross cut saw adopts advanced automatic batching equipment or tools, such as ultra-thin saw blade or small diameter saw blade, to reduce the loss of sawing path, or adopt the processing technology of “saw instead of planer” to reduce machining allowance, thereby reducing Losses in the processing section.

The Optimizing cross cut saw is controlled by computer, which can form the best sawing plan for the production plan, cross-section the wood, and have the functions of analysis, optimization and statistics; it can greatly improve the wood yield and production efficiency.

Combination Sections of Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

  • Wood material cutting and feeding section

  • Material include metal auto kick out section

  • Metal detector usually nails punched in woods

  • Main engine of high speed cross cut off saw machine section

  • Cutting waste material and kick out section

  • Material size automatic selection feeding production line section

  • Material scanning for value main machine

  • Material size automatic sorting section

Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

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