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What Is A Wide Belt Sander Used For?

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What Is A Wide Belt Sander Used For?

Wide belt sanders are highly versatile machines that work well for a variety of woodworking applications. These powerful industrial solutions make use of combinations of contact drums and platens to finish wooden surfaces, holding tight tolerances while providing an exceptional end product.

What Is A Wide Belt Sander?

Wide belt sander machine are commonly used machines in the furniture manufacturing industry. They sand the boards to a set smoothness and thickness, they can also be used to sand uneven wood surfaces, remove unwanted residues from the surface of the material (e.g. paint), etc.

Wide belt sanders have a wide sanding belt on a pair of rollers above a height adjustable feed table. Wood or other material is run between the bottom of the sanding belt and the top of the feed table with the space between set very slightly less that the wood thickness. Wide belt sanders produce a very flat smooth surface in a fraction of the time it takes to sand with portable sanders.

Advantages of Wide belt sander machine

Higher Productivity

Wide belt sander machine are capable of quickly sanding large areas of wood. Using a wide belt sander can Produce more, flatter boards in less time. While portable sander is fine for smaller jobs, but if your woodwork shop needs to sand a lot of boards, wide belt sander is better for you.

Customized Machines According To Production Requirements

Wide belt sander machine are configurable, so they have a lot of options. You can choose to change out the belts to achieve a different finish on the material you are using. After changing the abrasive belt, you can use various grit from fine sandpaper to coarse sandpaper. Finer sandpaper will give you a shinier finish. Changing the abrasive belt also allows you to process hard and soft materials at the same time. For example, some woods are softer than others and require more careful sanding, and the ability to adjust wear will benefit your production.

More Consistent Results

A wide belt sander will give you more consistent results than a portable belt sander. It’s easy to accidentally oversand with hand sander,  this can seriously affect productivity in high-volume jobs. Because wide belt sander are not affected by manual handling, it is easier to achieve consistent results. This makes wide belt sander ideal for mass production.

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What Is A Wide Belt Sander Used For?

The wide belt sander is great to get flat and clean surfaces with the required thickness. Easy to use on finishing applications on the hardwood, plywood, and MDF. The material is kept between the sander table and the sanding belt for sanding. The height of the feed table can be adjusted for the required operations. It works faster and has better results than portable sanders.

The wide belt sander is used to machine stock flat and to specific thicknesses. It can be used with solid wood and composite boards such as plywood and MDF. A rubber conveyor carries your stock through the machine while a wide abrasive belt removes material from the top surface. It is often used in conjunction with the jointer to create square and true stock.

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4 Things Must To Know Before Buying A Wide Belt Sander

1. Does Your Wide Belt Sander Allow for Fast Belt Changing?

Quick and easy belt changing plays a critical role in saving time and ensuring smooth operations during your shop’s sanding. If an abrasive belt breaks or wears down in the middle of a production run, this feature will keep your team on track toward its daily goals and prevent a simple belt issue from shutting down your operations for hours on end. Convenient belt changing can also be a huge boon for woodworking shops that work with a wide range of materials. If your wide belt sander needs to deliver multiple finish types, then it’s essential for the machine to be capable of swapping out to different abrasive belts quickly. It might seem insignificant at first glance, but this key feature will save your team hours of production time in the long term, fostering higher ROI.

2. Does Your Wide Belt Sander Include a Digital Readout?

Even if your new wide belt sander uses the most powerful and durable parts on the market, it won’t deliver exceptional results without the help of a digital thickness gauge. This invaluable readout can give operators exact measurements in inches (with optional fractions or millimeters), enabling them to perform incredibly accurate finishing at a glance. The accuracy of these solutions can measure within a thousandth of an inch, giving your finish a level of precision that few competitors can match. Most importantly, wide belt sanders with a digital thickness gauge are easy to calibrate and automatically retain memory ensuring consistency across multiple operators.

3. Is Your Wide Belt Sander Portable?

Portability is an absolute must for wide belt sanders that operate in complex or fast-paced production environments. This feature allows operators to quickly re-adjust the positioning of their machine or move it off of the production floor for maintenance. Luckily, some portable sanders feature unique designs with low weight distribution, providing solid stability when being moved from spot to spot. Portable wide belt sanders also make use of heavy-duty casters that swivel quickly and smoothly—such as the Timesavers SpeedSander—allowing for effortless maneuverability no matter how frantic your shop becomes.

4. Is Your Wide Belt Sander Safe?

The most important aspect of a wide belt sander is operator safety. Machines without proper safety precautions can put the well-being of your employees and equipment at risk. Fortunately, there are sanding machines with robust safety precautions to keep your employees and machinery in top form. The safest sanders are equipped with several standard and emergency stops that are strategically located within the operator’s reach, granting them total control and ensuring that your team members won’t be harmed by a slip-up or a momentary lapse in focus. Consequently, we highly recommend investing in wide belt sanders with high-quality emergency brake systems and other safety features.

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