April 23, 2023

What Are The Types of 4 Sided Planer?

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What Are The Types of 4 Sided Planer?

4 sided planer is a kind of planer machine in cabinet and custom home industry. Mainly used for processing wood square, wood board, wood strip, decorative line, wood crafts, wood on the upper, lower, left, right planing treatment. Precise dimensions of width and thickness, as well as section shape and surface finish can be obtained for wood product parts processed by it.

In addition to plane processing, the 4 sided planer can also be used for tenon, slot, straight line, surface processing, which is the traditional flat planing, pressing planing can not be compared, in a machine tool to carry out several processes, expand the machine tool processing pattern, broaden the machine tool processing versatility. On the premise of not increasing machine tools, that is, it can increase product varieties, reduce the purchase investment of machine tools, reduce the area of the workshop, relatively reduce the cost of products to a certain extent, and improve the production efficiency of enterprises

Types Of 4 Sided Planer

Classification of 4 Sided Planer

4 sided planer is classified according to the processing width, the number of cutter shafts, the feed speed and the cutting power, and is generally divided into three types: light, medium and heavy. The main parameter to measure the machining ability of the four-sided planer is the maximum width that can be machined, followed by the feed speed, the number of cutter shafts and the cutting power.

1. Light 4 sided planer

The light 4 sided planer is generally equipped with 4 cutter shafts with a processing width of 20mm~180mm. The arrangement of the cutter shafts is usually two horizontal and two vertical. Among them, the upper horizontal tool axis and the left vertical tool axis can be moved and adjusted. The feed adopts the roller traction or the starting end roller to advance the feed.

2. Medium-sized four-sided planer

Medium-sized 4 sided planers are generally equipped with five or six cutter shafts, and the processing width is 20mm~230mm. The arrangement and sequence of the four cutter shafts before the five-axis four-sided planer are exactly the same as those of the four-axis four-sided planer. The fifth cutter axis is rotatable and is mainly used for forming milling, or the fifth cutter axis is a lower horizontal cutter axis, which is mainly used for precision machining. The six-axis four-sided planer is based on the five-axis four-sided planer. A lower horizontal cutter shaft is added in front of all the cutter shafts, equipped with a toothed milling cutter, and the lower part of the wood workpiece is processed twice to obtain one Accurate machining benchmarks ensure machining accuracy.

3. Heavy-duty 4 sided planer

The heavy-duty 4 sided planer has seven or eight cutter shafts, and the processing width is more than 200mm. The heavy-duty four-sided planer is mostly improved on the basis of the six-axis four-sided planer, but the last two shafts have more changes. According to the different processing purposes, the main purpose is to process the high-precision reference surface or the four-sided planer of the forming surface.

Generally, a rotary knife shaft is added to the last end of the six-axis four-sided planer to form a seven-tool shaft, which is rotated by two. The tool shaft is used to process more complex profiles. Or add a vertical tool axis on the basis of the six-axis four-sided planer, and use the vertical tool axis and the rotatable tool axis to do complex surface processing.

The eight-axis four-sided planer is generally two up, two down and three vertical and one rotating tool axis, or two up, two down, two vertical and two rotating tool axes, which are used to process larger forming surfaces or accurately process cross-sectional sizes. A few heavy-duty four-sided planers are equipped with a scraper box or sanding roller at the rear end, the purpose of which is also to obtain precise size and shape.

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