Drum Wood Chipper 202

Drum Wood Chipper

  • Main Drive Motor Power(kw) :45-220kw
  • Rotor Diameter(mm) :500-1000mm
  • Max. Diameter of Raw Material(mm): 160-450
  • Number of knives(pieces): 2-5
  • Final Chip Length(mm):15-35mm
  • Capacity(t/h) : 5-15
  • Application : Drum wood chipper is widely used in papermaking, particleboard, fiberboard, and wood flour processing industries. It can cut logs, small diameter wood, branches, sticks, boards, and other materials into wood chips with uniform length and flat cuts.

Product Description

Drum Wood Chipper 202
Drum Wood Chipper 203

The drum chipper machine is a kind of special equipment designed for producing wood chips. This heavy wood cutting machine is also called the wood slicer, which is one of the wood processing series equipment. The wood chips produced are of the regular type and can be used as fuel for power plants, sold, or used for paper making.

Drum Wood Chipper 101

Structure of Drum Wood Chipper

The drum type wood chipper is composed of the body, knife rollers, upper and lower feeding rollers, conveyor belts, hydraulic systems, and other parts. The body is welded with high-strength steel plates and serves as the supporting foundation for the entire machine.

Install two or three or four flying knives on the knife roller, and use specially manufactured flying knife bolts to fix the flying knife on the knife roller through pressure blocks. The upper feeding roller assembly can float up and down within a certain range with the help of a hydraulic system, depending on the thickness of the raw material being cut. The qualified cut pieces fall through the sieve holes and are discharged from the bottom. The larger pieces will be cut inside the machine.

Working Principle of Drum Chipping Machine

The wood is transported by the conveyor system and enters the drum wood chipper through the feeding port. Under the shear of the high-speed rotating flying knife and the bottom knife mounted on the machine base, the wood is cut into wood chips. A screen is installed under the knife roll, and the mesh size of the screen can be adjusted according to customer needs.

The cut qualified wood chips leak through the screen holes and are output through the conveying system. Because a small amount of larger wood chips cannot pass through the mesh of the screen, they continue to be driven by the rotating knife roller and hit the crushing rod to be broken again.

Product Parameters

Rotor Diameter(mm)5006506508001000
Number of knives(pieces)22/32/33/4/53/4/5
Feed Opening(mm)180*400240*540310*680500*680500*700
Max. Diameter of Raw Material(mm)160200300420450
Final Chip Length(mm)35353515-3530
Machine Capacity(t/h)5-88-1210-2015-2511-15
Main Drive Motor Power(kw)455575110220
Motor Power of Feed Roller (kw)2.2441111
Machine Net Weight(kg)2990407072001250014500
Overall Dimension(L*W*H)(mm)1540*1240*10201980*1950*12502300*2150*15003850*2448*20503850*2448*2050
Optional: Drum Wood Chipper: electric motor or diesel engine.

Features of Drum Chipper Machine

  • New design blade rotor, so the blades are easy to replaceable.
  • Equipped with feeding pressure roller. Its function is to grasp and bite the wood and force the material to be fed.
  • Reinforcement bearing is applied, and durable.
  • It has an automatic lifting device(hydraulic system). When feeding, it can automatically recognize the height of the wood and will automatically lift according to the wood.
  • Equipped with a separate control cabinet. The control cabinet is necessary so that when using the machine, the electricity is safer.

Product Display

wood chipper machine 10701
wood chipper machine 10601
wood chipper machine 10301

Application of Drum chipper machine

Drum wood chipper is a machine that cuts the wood into wood chips, such as: waste wood, branches, wood, sugar cane, and other wooden materials.

1.The wood chips cut by the drum wood chipper can be used in the field of board processing, such as medium density board, particleboard, wood fiberboard, artificial board, etc. These board processing plants have a large demand for wood.

2.The wood chips cut by the drum wood chipper can be used in papermaking and other fields. After cutting wood into wood chips, it can be used as raw material for papermaking.

3.The cut wood chips can be used in power plants, boiler plants, biomass pellet plants, and other places to provide heat as fuel.

4.The drum wood chipper can be used in the production line of molded wooden pallets. The raw material is crushed into a certain length of wood chips by a drum chipper and then enters the dryer to dry the excess water.The dried wood chips are added with glue and fully mixed with them, and then the mixed materials are put into the wooden pallet press for hot pressing, and after the hot pressing, the molded wooden pallet can be taken out.

The Advantages of Drum Wood Chippers

  • Strong adaptability:

Because the drum chipper adopts integrated assembly technology, it can be installed and used under different geographical and topographical conditions. At the same time, the operation of the machine is not affected by the season, climate, and other external conditions.

  • Save time:

Because the drum chipper does not need to make a foundation, it can save users 10-15 days. After the equipment is delivered, it can be installed and put into production immediately, usually within 1-2 days.

  • Flexible and convenient:

the installation and debugging of the drum wood chipper is very simple, which greatly improves the installation speed.

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