Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine 000

Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine

  • Capacity: 10-30T/h
  • Motor power: 160kw, 200kw, 250kw
  • Raw material: Wood waste, biomass, templates, wooden pallets, log, trees, nail-bearing lumber, non-wood raw materials
  • Processing log diameter: 300mm, 400mm
  • Application: Comprehensive wood chipper machine is biomass waste reduction equipment, widely used to downsize various of materials like wood tree log, nailed wooden waste, wooden pallets, site waste templates,

Product Description

Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine 000

The machine is mainly used for drying sawdust, crushed material and some small wood particles, baked out of the material.

Does not change color or damage the wood fiber after processing.The speed of the drying material can be adjusted according to the wet and dryness of the wood. Easy to operate, clean, maintenance rate at the end.

Working principle of wood sawdust rotary dryer machine:

Wet wood from the belt conveyor or wind conveyor into the dryer, the rotor will have a number of hopper and oblique scraper; through the rotor rotation hopper and oblique scraper in the barrel rolling and moving, wood evaporation of water vapor quickly discharged.

Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine 002
Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine 001
Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine 003

Product Parameters

Rotor diameter (mm)8008001050
Cutter quantity (knives or hammers)4 or 244 or 244 or 24
Input size (mm) 1260*5001400*5001400*800
Max material diameter (mm)300400400
Rotor rotation speed (rpm)650760900
Production capacity (TPH)12-1518-2025-30
Main motor power (kw)160200250
Feeding motor power (kw)7.5+5.511+7.511+7.5
Oil pump motor power344
Feeding conveyor length(m)

With Chain plate

Discharge conveyor length(m)101010
Weight (t)141624

Features of comprehensive wood chipper machine

  • Large diameter of rotor, rotor is equipped with grinding knives or hammer for crushing different kinds of raw material, the blades and hammers are replaceable.
  • Cover of crushing chamber could be opened by hydraulic, ease for maintenance and changing blades.
  • The size of screen mesh is customized to different size according to clients’ requirements.
  • Forced hydraulic feeding system technique ensures continuously feeding and large working capacity.
  • High Capacity with larger feeding inlet than traditional type, which could process big diameter of logs in arrange of 300-400mm.

Application of comprehensive wood chipper machine

Comprehensive wood chipper machine is a kind of machine to shred the following raw materials.

1. All kinds of wood material, such as wood log, slab, batten, log core, tree, building templates, wood pallets, waste wood, wood waste etc

2. All kinds of non-wood materials, such as straw, cotton rod, reed, hay etc.

3. For particle board factory, high density fiberboard, stubble factory, biomass power plant, wood factory, organic fertilizer plant etc.

Raw material and final product:

Comprehensive Wood Chipper Machine 00

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