Saw Blade Sharpener 102

Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

  • Grinding Angle :0-30 degree
  • Grinding diamond speed: 2800r/min
  • Dial the tooth distance: 3-45mm
  • Max. Grinding Diameter: 800mm
  • Grinding Wheel Size: Diameter 150 *hole 32*thickness 10mm
  • Surface Roughness(μm) : 100 μm
  • Motor power of grinding wheel: 550W
  • Price Range$1450.00 to $2350.00 
  • Application : Suitable for grinding blade material: high-speed steel (HSS) saw blade, flying saw (manganese steel) saw blade.

Product Description

Saw Blade Sharpener 101
Saw Blade Sharpener icon

Saw blade sharpening machine is automatically grinding machine for fixing saw blade for our multi rip saw machine.

This equipment is specially designed for grinding of hard alloy saw blade. The combined adjustment of grinding head of the horizontal angle and vertical angle can be realized on circular saw blade alloy blade teeth before angle grinding. It is controlled by PLC which has the advantages of high automatic, high precision, high efficiency.

Working principle of Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

The machine is completely mechanical interlock linkage to complete the repair of the saw blade grinding: After the sawtooth feeding, the cylinder compression blade, dial needle returned, grinding wheel mechanical linkage feed grinding, and then return, the cylinder release, Tooth feed, automatic mechanical reciprocating motion, to achieve the saw blade grinding function. With a straightforward structure, simple operation, easy to learn, quality and cheap and so on.

How it Works?

The grinding blade to be pressed on the saw blade fixed shaft, adjust the pitch of the dial teeth, adjust the grinding wheel grinding angle and feed distance, after starting the machine,adjus the grinding wheel feed and automatic finish saw blade grinding.

Product Parameters

Product name
Saw blade sharpening machine
Saw blade grinding machine
Total power
Dial the tooth distance
Grinding speed
Stepless speed regulation
Grinding wheel speed
Grinding wheel specifications
diameter 150*hole 32* thickness 10mm
Packing size
Total weight

Features of Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

  • Automatic saw blade grinding machine, with intuitive structure, simple operation, practical, precise, beautiful and so on.
  • According to different chip requirements to change the cutting angle of the sawtooth, tooth, tooth depth, can easily grind sharp blade.
  • Can be grinding blade material: high-speed steel (HSS) saw blade, flying saw (manganese steel) saw blade.
  • Can wear a variety of teeth. (Left and right teeth, arc teeth, triangular teeth, high and low teeth)
  • According to the different cutting requirements to quickly adjust the grinding time of the blade.
  • The handpiece can be tilted up or down, no need to change the grinding wheel can chamfer.

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