Horizontal Wood Band Saw 404

Cheap Price Portable Bandsaw Sawmill

  • Standard Sawing Wood Length:4500 mm
  • Max. wood diameter: 700mm – 1600mm
  • Main Motor power: 22 kw – 30 kw
  • Band wheel diameter :700mm – 1000mm
  • Rail length (standard model) :5800mm
  • Saw Blade Size : 216″x3.15″(5500x80mm)
  • Working voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase, Customized
  • Price Range$3500.00 to $5000.00 
  • Application :Horizontal band saw is main for variety of wood, puzzle, thick plate open processing board, solid wood flooring and other decorative veneer panels.

Product Description

Horizontal Wood Band Saw 403
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A horizontal wood band saw is a common and easy-to-use tool to cut lumber cutters, easier to use and more logs. Horizontal wood band saw is a common and inexpensive option to business customers looking to cut lumber cutters, easier, and more flexibility.

The horizontal band saw is a very safe machine as the workpiece is held by clamps when cutting, although when discussing cutting capabilities, the horizontal band saw is not as flexible as the vertical when it comes to precision or odd shapes. It does more than make up for this with its productivity. Horizontal band saws are machines designed for making repetitive, accurate cuts and with the help of built-in backstop systems, repetitive cutting is not only fairly accurate but very quick.

Horizontal band saws are commonly used for both metal, wood and plastic with material thickness and hardness generally not being an issue when cutting (depending on the machine’s size and quality of blade).

In the woodworking world, the vertical band saw dominates, with the horizontal more regularly used for cutting large timber. Vertical band saws are used by woodworkers to cut medium to small material down to size and into specific shapes for furniture making, joinery work and more. The horizontal is great for processing large sections of timber down to more manageable pieces, which could later be processed further and more accurately by a vertical band saw.

Horizontal Wood Band Saw 402

Product Parameters

Max Sawing Wood Diameter
Track Extension LengthUnlimited
Power Option22HP22HP25HP27HP
Saw Wheel Diameter60CM70CM70CM70CM
Sawhead Forward/ReverseManual Crank
Sawhead Up/DownElectric Motor for Standard Power), Hydraulic System for Optional Power
Log Clamp5xQuick-set
Sawhead Design4-Post Tech
Blade Size216″x3.15″(5500x80mm)
Mobile TrailerYes

Features of Horizontal Wood Band Saw

Massive Log Capacity

Cut massive log up to 63″ (160cm) in diameter and 15′(4.5m) in length with the standard track, with optional track extensions will saw longer lengths without any practical limited, it’s the largest cutting capacity to be the best value in class, help you to mill virtually any hardwood or softwood into priced lumber.

Strong Mill Structure 

Made in China from high-quality steel, 4-post design and solid casting techniques to make the sawmill has a solid structure to afford to cut very hardwood smoothly. Linear guide rails and precision screws ensure a smooth and accurate setting. The centre wheel of the saw wheel is designed for more stable operation and longer service life, reducing the chance of blade breakage. Hydraulic tensioning of the saw blade to extend its life. Wear-resistant saw wheels are then dynamically balanced to ensure smooth running.

  • Powerful Diesel or Electric sawmill

The powerful and reliable diesel engines 22HP(MJ700), 22HP(MJ1000), 25HP(MJ1300), 27HP(MJ1600) with electric-start feature premium air filter to protect engine works as usual even in harsh and dirty sawing conditions, Clutch for engine protection and easy blade change, Hydraulic motor to raise and down the sawhead. Electric motors are available when you operate in a place with stable electricity.

  • Quick-Set Log Works

Produced of solid-tube steel, the quick-set log clamp fastens wood tightly for cutting and can be adjustable up/down in sawing proceed. Optional Automatic clamp makes it one-person operation.

  • Fast Change Blade

Sawhead cover was closed by 2 outside fasters when you want to change a blade, just open the cover, replace a new blade then tension the blade, that’s it! Nothing moves nothing extra parts.

  • Mobile trailer

Sawmill can be moved between places with a mobile trailer,  from home to work site, from storage to lumber yard, it’s a PORTABLE WORKABLE SAWMILL.

  • Warranty and Customer Service

2 Years Warranty of both Sawmill and Motors. You will receive fast response to any question on Operation/Installation/Spare Parts.

Real Photos OF Horizontal Wood Band Saw

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Final Products

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