Large Mushroom Shredder Machine

Description of Large Mushroom Shredder Machine

As is known to all that the the mushroom is a very popular food and there is a large mushroom shredder machine in industrial use of woodworking machinery, which can shredder the all kinds of round logs wood,wood corner materials, wood branches, etc. Elasn woodworking machinery has developed and researched a new type machine, which is very efficiency and with lower cost.

mushroom shredder machine (1)

Features and Advantages of Large Mushroom Shredder Machine

High Efficiency:

High Efficiency, the mushroom shredder machine adopts the newest technology of shreddering, which can make the wood into small fine sawdust or particle materials to become the biomass raw material to grain the mushrooms.

Power Saved:

Compared with the traditional wood shredder machine, mushroom shredder machine has lower voltage used, which can make full use of utilization of energy.

Wide Applications: The mushroom shredder machine can adjust different diameter and size shape of finished raw materials.


The process is almost no wasting, and the wood can recycle use as biomass or fertilize to reuse for recycling usage.

Easy Operate:

The structure is simple and fixed tightly, as well as the maintenance is corresponding low. The final product is almost all the same without different too long materials.

Safety and Reliable:

Mushroom shredder machine adopts safety guarantee equipment, which can effectively reduce the operating dangerous.

ModelOutput (t/h)Blade CountCapacity (mm)Dimension (mm)Blade Size (mm)Spindle Speed (r/min)Power (kW)Shape Size (mm)
ELA-180011212530×5601300190x140x14 (8)/150x140x14 (4)950132-62050x1850x1620

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