July 11, 2024

Industrial Wood Crusher Machine Turn Waste Into Treasure

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Industrial Wood Crusher Machine Turn Waste Into Treasure

Quick View about Industrial Wood Crusher Machine

What is Industrial Wood Crusher Machine

Now the social development continues to accelerate, in a variety of industrial production will produce a lot of waste materials, wood is one of them, but it is not very convenient to solve, then buy one industrial wood crusher machine is the answer.

In the past, there is no way to deal with waste wood branches in our country, which are centralized incineration, but now the environmental problems need to be remedied, and naturally can not be incinerated. With the emergence of industrial wood crusher machine, this situation is alleviated a lot, not only can crush wood into wood chips of various shapes and sizes, but also can be used in many places.

Such as paper industry, edible fungus farming industry, organic fertilizer, biomass particles, etc., in these industries, wood chips are used as raw materials. In the past, when there was no wood crusher, the industry that needed wood chips would buy a large number of trees fished by forest farms, so the emergence of wood shredders also played a certain role in improving the environment.

The price of industrial wood crusher is relatively cheap, we must choose according to their own production and use. Raw material acquisition is relatively simple, the profit is considerable, basically a few months time to recover the cost.

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Working Principle of Industrial Wood Crusher Machine

There are many kinds of wooden crusher machine models, while the feed method is divided into horizontal feed and inclined feed. The feed port size can be adjusted after wood chip is cut by wooden crusher machine, the wood chip particle size becomes small with no need to dry it. Wooden Crusher Machine semi-final products can be sent to the crushing device, so that it can be crushed many times, finally the pulverized wood chip finished products are sent to the aggregate by the fan. The whole process is simple and convenient, the machine structure is compact, and the price is cheap.

The wooden crusher machine material adopts blade cutting and high-speed air impact, collision double crushing as one, and completes the micro-material sorting processing process at the same time. In blade cutting and crushing, the rotor generates high-speed air flow, rotating with the cutting direction of the blade, the material accelerates in the air flow, and the repeated impact makes the material subject to double crushing at the same time, accelerating the crushing rate of the material.

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Technical parameter of Industrial Wood Crusher Machine

Spindle speed


Diameter of cutter disk


Inlet size




Size of knives



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