The Electronic Cross Cut Saw is an important part of the wood pallet production line.In the production of wooden pallets, wooden need to be cut to produce different shapes and sizes.

The multi-segment automatic sawing machine can saw wood into multi-segment segments of uniform length. this machine can automatic feeding, automatic sawing, efficient, fast and safe, simple operation. one person can operate the work of sawing wood. High work efficiency and labor-saving.Automatic sawing machine, also known as automatic wood cutter machine, industrial wood cutter, automatic feeding sawing machine.

Horizontal Band saw for Sale

About Horizontal Band saw

What Is A Horizontal Band saw?

CNC Crosscut Saw is the computer program control wood cutting saw. And it is mainly used for the blanking process of pallet panels, pallet blocks, and traditional wooden boxes. Besides, CNC Electronic Cross Cut Saw machine is also be used for the production of furniture components.

As we known, we need different size wood stringer or wood board or wood blocks to produce the different type wooden pallets. That is just one of the CNC circluar table saw for processing wood pallets. We also call it the wood pallet cross cutting off saw machine, it can also process different wood material, not only wood sawdust blocks and solid wood blocks but also long wood board, wood stringer etc.

While it can be adjusted to cut them in different size as your pallet size request. So it is a must for the both american standard woode pallet and european wood pallets (EPAL pallets).It is widely used for wood pallet factory, wood package industry, wooden furniture factory etc. filed

CNC wood cross cut saw machine is controlled by computer program. The production line can be optimized into the best cutting plan, through reasonable calculation and length matching. And it is cutting wood materials in transverse way, which can greatly increase the production efficiency and processing precision. What’s more, wood electronic control saw also can replace manual or traditional machine in production so as to meet the factory mass production requirements. Thus, it can solve the problem of low efficiency, high precision error, and difficult management in the production process.

Advantages of Horizontal Band saw

As the wages of workers continue to rise, electricity bills continue to rise, costs continue to rise, and profits are getting smaller and smaller, wood processing plants urgently need equipment that can save labor and electricity to replace old products. This multi-blade saw is in line with the current trend.

Compared with the ordinary cutting process, ELASN electronic wood cutting saw has great advantages, such as wood batch standardized production, fully utilizing raw materials, reducing on-duty personnel, improving production efficiency.

It eats wide and wider plates and can process multiple pieces at one time. The speed is 3-4 times that of ordinary multi-blade saws. It saves more than 3 times the labor and saves electricity. 70%, which greatly improves production efficiency, expands profit margins, produces products that are smooth and tidy, without indentation, and improves market competitiveness. The reliability, stability, and durability of product quality have won the trust of customers at home and abroad.

Therefore, CNC wood cutting saw can help you to save production costs, increase profits and gain generous returns.

Application of Electronic Cross Cut Saw

This automatic Electronic Cross Cut Saw machine is a mechanical product developed by ELASN. The automatic sawing machine only needs one person to control the wood sawing work. The machine can also be used for cutting construction wood squares, wooden keels, construction templates, planed boards, solid wood floors, wooden pallets, plywood, multi-layer boards, etc. The machine adopts automatic industrial control, and its performance is more stable. At the same time, a low-noise design is adopted to reduce the noise in the workshop.

The sawing size can be freely combined according to the actual production requirements to reduce production waste. The equipment is simple and flexible and can be operated by one worker. In the cutting process, the cutting loss can be reduced as much as possible. At the same time, the pallet wood can be quickly cut during the operation of the machine; the accuracy is very high.

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