April 11, 2023

Advantages Of Using 4 Sided Planer

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Advantages Of Using 4 Sided Planer

Four side planer machine is a kind of woodworking machine tool, mainly used for processing wooden products such as wooden squares, planks, decorative moldings, wooden floors, etc., and planing the upper and lower sides of the wood.

Advantages Of 4 Sided Planer

Improve processing capacity and production efficiency.

1.Improve processing capacity and production efficiency.

4 sided planer is a typical process-centralized multi-tool combined machine tool. It concentrates the processing that can only be completed by multiple machine tools such as planing, planing, and lower-axis vertical milling machines in the traditional process. It greatly improves the processing by shortening the auxiliary working time. capacity and production efficiency. In addition, the number of traditional machine tools is reduced, the number of operating workers is saved, and the floor space of the workshop is reduced.

 2: Improve the yield of wood.

4 sided planer is a one-time processing, and the workpiece can be processed to the required size, cross-sectional shape and surface finish in one pass, avoiding the loss caused by multiple machine tools repeatedly processing.

3: Improve product quality and processing accuracy.

4 sided planer process completes multiple processes at one time, reducing the accuracy error caused by multiple processing of traditional machine tools. Since Four side planer machine adopts mechanical continuous forced pressing and feeding, there are few jumps and displacements during the cutting process of the workpiece. The feed speed can be frequency-converted or steplessly regulated according to the material of the processed wood and the amount of cutting, which reduces the quality defects caused by excessive cutting amount to a certain extent, and improves the quality and processing accuracy of the product.

4: Expand the range of technology and increase the variety of products.

4 sided planer improves the necessary flatness and surface finish of the workpiece, and provides the necessary conditions for the subsequent process to ensure the processing accuracy. In addition to surface processing, Four side planer machine can also perform shaping processing such as tenoning, grooving, straight lines, profiles, and multi-blade sawing, which cannot be achieved by traditional planing and pressing.

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