May 23, 2023

Advantages of Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

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Advantages of Optimizing Cross Cut Saw

What Is an Optimizing Cross Cut Saw?

The optimal cross-cut saw is controlled by computer, which can form the best sawing plan for the production plan, cross-section the wood, and have the functions of analysis, optimization and statistics; it can greatly improve the wood yield and production efficiency.

All we mean by “optimizing” is getting the most out of something. In this case, getting the most yield out of your material. For example, if you have 5 feet of lumber and your cut list says you need to cut 20 parts of varying lengths, you have to figure out which pieces to cut first and in what order to cut them, given your material. When optimizing your lumber, you have to determine how to cut parts with the least amount of scrap waste left. This can be very tricky math to perform in your head on the fly.

An optimizing cross cut saw can do this for you, though. It greatly increases throughput while giving you the maximum yield by determining the optimal cutting order from your parts list. Many optimizing saws allow you to remove defects (knots, wane, discoloration, etc.) from your material in-house for even greater savings.

Advantages of optimized cross-cut saw

  • Reduce process chains and increase productivity

The Optimizing Cross Cut Saw can automatically select the type according to the material defect, reduce the manual selection time, improve the processing efficiency, and the production capacity can reach 3 to 6 times that of the manual cutting saw.

  •  Reduce volume and production cost

 Optimizing Cross Cut Saw integrates multiple processing methods and functions, reducing the number of tooling and equipment maintenance costs Multiple installation methods, reducing the number of clamping

  • Once placed, the processing can be completed

Multi-segment material, no waiting and program switching

  • Smooth milling to ensure machining accuracy

High-strength integrated fuselage improves processing accuracy and meets high-precision requirements for processing different materials

  • Cost saving

The Optimizing Cross Cut Saw operation requires only one person, saving valuable labor costs.

  •  Automatic production

The Optimizing Cross Cut Saw can import Excel files, or scan codes to import data, so as to realize highly automated production in the factory and reduce errors.

Application and description of optimized cross-cut saw

Solid wood veneer cutting material is one of the three major raw materials for furniture production. The preparation of component materials is a very important part of furniture manufacturing, which has a great influence on the production quality and post-processing of furniture.

There are two processes in the preparation of part wood. The preparation of commonly used furniture parts includes material selection and sawing.

Optimize the material selection process of cross-cut sawing: mainly carry out detailed material selection, matching and defect marking of raw materials;
sawing process: conduct reasonable vertical and horizontal cutting of selected raw materials according to the specifications and shapes of furniture parts, so as to achieve reasonable matching and make the best use of everything Use, high quality and high efficiency, also known as ingredient processing.

Material selection Generally speaking, the selection of solid wood sawing materials should follow the following principles:
1. Determine the type and grade of materials according to product design requirements.
2. Determine the material standard according to the position, force and function of the furniture parts in the product.
3. Determine the color selection standard or processing technology of sawn timber according to the color effect of the product.
4. Ensure that the moisture content of raw materials meets the technical requirements of the product.
5. The specifications of the selected raw materials should be related to the specifications of the processed parts as much as possible.

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