May 25, 2023

Advantages of CNC Panel Saw over Manual Panel Saw

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Advantages of CNC Panel Saw over Manual Panel Saw

For the past few years, there have been many revolutions in the CNC panel saw machine. The revolution has allowed manufacturers to work with various kinds of woods, matching, creating cutting, and dimensional tasks. A professional manufacturer can cut a perfect piece from any type of wood by using the CNC panel saw . On the other hand, cutting a perfect finished piece from wood is quite tough for a layman who does not have knowledge about basic woodworking techniques.

The sawing procedure helps ensure that the functioning of the CNC panel saw machine is precisely controlled. Cutting time is calculated in seconds, and you do not need to worry about any mistakes. It can cut wood panels as close as nearly 0.015 inches. The precision together with stationary grips or saw carriage allows for ease of use and accuracy that other types of panel saws cannot provide.

Advantages of CNC Panel Saw over Manual Panel Saw

High precision and high speed

As the living standard improved, people’s requirements were higher and higher, which required the manufacturers to produce high-quality furniture, so furniture manufacturers needed more advanced machinery in production; manual labour can’t meet the requirements now.

CNC panel saw machine with very high precision and high speed in cutting function makes the cutting profile more smooth and more perfect, and it ensures the edge banding effects and laminate foil or film effects are better.

The high-speed function makes the CNC panel saw high machine efficiency; compared with a manual saw, it equals the working capacity of about ten sets of manual sliding table saw machines. It makes the CNC panel seem more economical and save labour cost.


A CNC panel machine is safer than a manual panel saw machine. A manual panel saw is dangerous for a worker in operation; it is easy to hurt workers’ fingers or hands during daily work, but a CNC panel saw machine is safe, it is CNC controlled and frequency speed controlled, no need for manual to slide the material one time by one time. One Japanese told us why we selected the CNC panel saw machine to cut fabric; the most important reason is that the CNC machine is safe to operate. In Japan, protection is essential; if your workers are hurt in production, the Japanese government will regard it as a very serious accident, and you will be serious punishment and large fines, so safety is very important for them, same as in many European countries.

Widely used

A CNC panel saw is used to cut many kinds of material, not only the same as a manual panel saw machine cuts plywood, MDF, chipboard etc., wood material, but also MMPA, Aluminum, Plastic, PS board and PC board. Recently, more and more materials have been used on furniture as raw material or decoration; the manual panel saw machine’s cutting ability is limited, so the CNC panel saw is suitable for you.

CNC panel saws offer the same benefits as other types of CNC machinery. For companies that produce a high volume of panels, the most important benefits are excellent repeatability across large production runs, when the saw has a large table, and the ability to produce panels at a high rate of speed.

Whether you are a hobbyist, furniture maker, or an expert woodworker, CNC panel saw machinery will help you do the work easily and rapidly. No matter whether you are a professional contractor or a homeowner, you can avail all the above benefits of a CNC panel saw machine for producing high-quality tasks more accurately and speedily.

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