Advantages of CNC Panel Saw Compared With Manual Panel Saw

The CNC panel saw machine is a powerful tool that can help you create a variety of wood products. This machine can be used to cut various types of wood, including gypsum board, artificial stone, PVC board, plexiglass, and large core board. It can also be used to cut a variety of materials, including circuit boards, density boards, ABS, and solid wood plates.

The manual panel cutting saw was very popular and widely used in the past. Still, computer-controlled machinery is becoming more popular because computer panel saw is safer and has higher effect efficiency in mass production. It is higher precision and higher speed in cutting material. Many customers advised that the CNC panel saw machine was their preferred machine.

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Advantages of CNC Panel Saw Compared With Manual Panel Saw

1- High production efficiency

Every factory aims to increase production efficiency so that the production costs can be decreased. As far as the woodworking factories are concerned, they can achieve high production efficiency by using CNC panel saw for sale. The CNC panel price is also cost-effective if we consider its high production efficiency.

2- European technical design

Besides high production efficiency, the CNC panel saw machine also has a European technical design.

3- High precision

With improvement in living standards, there has been an increase in the requirements of people. Now people demand more advanced furniture, therefore, furniture manufacturers require high-tech machinery in production as manual labor cannot fulfill the requirements now. CNC panel saw machine has high precision in cutting function and makes cutting more perfect and smooth. Also, it ensures edge banding effects in addition to laminating film or foil effects better.

4- High speed

CNC panel saw has high efficiency because of its high speed as compared to the manual panel saw. Its working capacity is quite high that makes this machine more economical and saves labor costs.

5- More safe

CNC panel saw machine is safer in comparison with the manual panel saw machine. Manual machines are hazardous for a laborer in operation as they can harm a worker’s hand or finger during routine work. On the other hand, the CNC panel saw machine is safer as its frequency speed is controlled by CNC. There is no need to slide the material manually one by one.

6- More durable

CNC panel price is not high if we consider its durability. CNC panel saw machine can last up to 20 to 30 years, so it’s worth buying it.

7- Ideal for high precision production

If you are looking for high precision production requirement, then prefer buying SK-3800TP-A CNC Panel Saw by Sandar.

8- Accuracy cutting

The motors of the CNC panel saw machine is driven by a servo that ensures high speed, accuracy cutting, and low noise.

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