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4 Sided Moulder Process Features

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4 Sided Moulder Process Features

4 sided Moulder process features

  • 1. Improve processing capacity and production efficiency.

  • 4 sided moulder is a typical multi-tool combined machine tool.
  • Compared with the traditional multi-tool production line, it can improve the processing capacity and production efficiency mainly by shortening the auxiliary working time.
  • Due to the completion of the processing of multiple machine tools such as flat planer, press planer and lower shaft vertical milling machine in the transmission process on a four-sided planer machine tool, the running time of the workpiece between the machine tools is saved, the output per unit time is increased, and the processing capacity and production efficiency are improved.
  • In addition, the number of machine tools is reduced, which not only shortens the auxiliary working time, but also reduces the number of operators and reduces the floor area of the workshop.
  • Therefore, compared with the traditional multi-machine process, the 4 sided moulder not only improves the output per unit time, but also increases the production output per unit floor area and per unit personnel.
  • 2. Improve the yield of wood.

  • 4 sided moulder is a one-pass processing, the workpiece can be processed through one time to the required size, cross-section shape and surface requirements of the finish, to avoid multiple machine tools repeatedly processing, each time must give a certain cutting parameters to ensure that the cutting process to eliminate the indentation caused by the feed mechanism.
  • 3. Improve product quality and processing accuracy.

  • The processing of 4 sided moulder improves the necessary flatness and surface finish of the workpiece, and provides the necessary conditions for the subsequent process to ensure the processing accuracy.
  • The 4 sided moulder processing is completed at one time, which reduces the number of workpiece clamping and positioning, thus reducing the machining accuracy error caused by positioning error.
  • Because the 4 sided moulder adopts mechanical continuous forced pressing feed, the workpiece cutting process rarely produces runout and displacement, which also provides a favorable guarantee for improving the machining accuracy in the machine structure.
  • The feed speed can be adjusted according to the material of the processed wood and the size of the cutting amount to do multi-gear adjustment or stepless speed regulation, which reduces the processing quality defects caused by excessive cutting amount to a certain extent.
4 sided moulder
4 sided planer machine for sale

Features of 4 sided moulder

  • * 4 side moulder is a kind of woodworking machine tool.
  • * Mainly used for processing wood, wood, decorative wood lines, wood flooring and other wood products.
  • * Working table equipped with driving motor to ensure smooth material feeding
  • * Brand new designed control panel with digital display
  • * Short material roller,ensure short materials can be conveying smoothly
  • * Universal joint feeding,precise,durable and requires minimum maintenance

Technical parameter of 4 Sided Moulder

Max. Processing Width150 mm200 mm150 mm230 mm230 mm
Min. Processing Width15 mm15 mm15 mm15 mm15 mm
Processing Thickness10-120 mm10-120 mm10-120 mm10-120 mm10-120 mm
Min. Processing Length550 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm
Feeding Speed10-35 m/min10-35 m/min10-35 m/min10-35 m/min10-35 m/min
Total Power21.25 kw21.25 kw29.75 kw36.25 kw41.75 kw
Dimensions (mm)2900*1600*15802900*1650*15803500*1600*16003500*1650*16004050*1650*1600
Weight1800 kg2300 kg2400 kg3000 kg3300 kg

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