June 22, 2024

4 Best Reason to Choose Four Sided Planer Machine

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4 Best Reason to Choose Four Sided Planer Machine

Why choose Industrial Woodworking 4 Sided Planer Machine?

The Elasn 4-Sided Planer Moulder is an economical and compact machine designed for professional woodworkers looking to produce a wide range of mouldings.

With individual motors to each spindle you can comfortably produce a wide range of products including flooring, crown moulding, paneling, door & furniture components, and more.

Compared with small wood planer, four sided planer has more functions and more powerful than the traditional ones.

  • First of all, four sided planer can plan four side of the material and with different function for different strength materials.
  • Secondly, 4 side moulder has larger planing width and thickness, which can be able to plane wider and thicker wood materials in a single pass, improving production efficiency. Usually it can up to 12 inches or more.
  • Thirdly, Four side planer machine has big powerful drive, because it equipped with high-power motors, able to provide sufficient cutting force to handle hard wood materials. So as to improve efficiency and output as well as insure the safety.
  • Fourthly, four side planer machine has more precise control system – Equipped with electronic control systems, able to precisely control planing depth and wood feed speed.
  • At last, four sided planer has high degree of automation, which can integrate automatic feeding, collecting, and other functions to reduce manual operations.
this is a four sided planer machine drawings pic
this is a traditional wood planer machine

How to choose Industrial Woodworking 4 Sided Planer Machine?

How to choose industrial Four-Sided Planer:

  • The four-sided planer is a specialized woodworking tool designed to plane the surfaces of wood materials on all four sides.
  • Its versatility makes it well-suited for processing larger wood boards and lumber.
  • Key factors to consider when selecting a four-sided planer include:
  1. Type of wood material:
    • Soft woods (e.g. pine) – Four-sided planers can efficiently process these without excessive splintering.
    • Hard woods (e.g. oak) – Require more powerful cutting forces, but four-sided planers can still handle them.
    • Wood with distinct grain patterns – Four-sided planers can plane these without significantly damaging the grain.
  2. Desired planing results:
    • Flattening wood surfaces – Four-sided planers can quickly and effectively plane the surfaces flat, preparing the wood for further processing.
    • Adjusting wood thickness – By evenly planing all four sides, the thickness of the wood can be precisely adjusted.
    • Trimming edges – The four-sided design allows for neat, precise edge trimming and shaping.

So base on the key factor, we should consider the points below:

  • Consistently flat, smooth wood surfaces
  • Accurate thickness adjustments
  • Well-trimmed, clean edges
  • Effective processing of both soft and hard wood materials
  • Preservation of distinct wood grains and textures

The versatility of the four-sided planer makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of woodworking applications.

How to choose saw blade according to different material?

The Blade material, blade angle, blade width, blade condition are mainly core points to effect to choose a better industrial woodworking used 4 side planer blade.

Blade Material:

  • High-Speed Steel (HSS) blades – Durable, suitable for general wood processing.
  • Carbide blades – More wear-resistant, suitable for processing hard woods.

Blade Angle:

  • Smaller blade angle (15-20 degrees) – Suitable for soft woods, can achieve a smoother surface finish.
  • Larger blade angle (25-30 degrees) – Suitable for hard woods, can provide stronger cutting force.

Blade Width:

  • Narrow blades (1-2 inches) – Suitable for fine processing, can handle narrow spaces.
  • Wide blades (3-4 inches) – Suitable for rapid flat surface processing, improving efficiency.

Blade Condition:

  • New blades – Provide the best cutting performance, but have a shorter lifespan.
  • Moderately worn blades – Still maintain good cutting performance, have a longer lifespan.

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